High Pressure Specialty Regulators (1/4" - 1")

1912 Lever Acting Series

Marshall Excelsior

Designed for accurate pressure regulation with low capacities. It is ideal for residential, commercial and industrial heating and portable equipment.

  • Minimum Inlet Pressure: 10 PSI
  • Maximum Inlet Pressure: 250 PSI
  • Outlet Pressure Range: 3"WC - 5 PSI
  • Size Range: 1/4" & 1/4"x3/8" NPT
  • Gases: Natural, Propane, Compressed etc..

164 Direct Acting Series

Marshall Excelsior

These regulators are designed for accurate pressure regulation in both natural gas and propane gas applications. They are ideal for first stage and heating equipment requiring high pressures.

  • Maximum Inlet Pressure: 250 - 400 PSI
  • Outlet Pressure Range: 3 - 125 PSI
  • Size Range: 1/4" - 1" NPT
  • Gases: Natural, Propane, Compressed, Corrosive etc…

11301F Standard

Marshall Excelsior

Designed for first cut pressure reductions and has a variety of contruction materials and options available. Ideal for control valve supply, catalytic heaters and chemical injection pumps.

  • Maximum Inlet Pressure: 5500 PSI
  • Outlet Pressure Range: 0 - 120 PSI
  • Size Range: 1/4" NPT
  • Applications: Natural, Propane, Compressed, Corrosive, Liquids etc…

Other Models Available

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Things you need to know to properly size a High Pressure Specialty Regulator:
  • Min/Max Inlet pressure
  • Required Outlet pressure
  • Type of gas to be regulated
  • Load/Capacity? (in Btu or Cfh)
  • Required connection size
  • Do you require an external relief valve?

Ventless Regulators
Norgas Controls has a large variety of ventless regulators for almost any application. These types of regulators are used only for indoors and simplify the installation by not needing to run a vent line to the outdoors.

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