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Norgas Controls is one of the most knowledgeable and diverse gas companies in Canada.  No matter what type of application you have, Norgas has an elite team of specialists who can supply you with the correct information in a timely fashion.  Our support and services are the best in the industry.

Our technical sales reps at Norgas go above and beyond the competition to provide you with the best delivery dates and great quality products to last many years in the field of service for each specific job you need.

When sizing regulators and gas meters, we will supply you with all of the information you need to quote your customer.  From pricing to literature, everything is explained to a “T” so there is never any confusion as to what you are getting or paying.

If you are having problems with an application, Norgas is renowned for our knowledge of gas applications and we are quick to pinpoint any issues and provide you with the solution you need.  Whether your gas regulator is leaking or your meter isn’t counting, the support you need is here.

With Norgas Controls, you also have a one-stop shop carrying the largest inventory of regulators, meters and valves in Canada.  We process and ship most of our orders within 24 hours giving our customers a quick and easy solution when meeting tight deadlines.

Norgas Controls will keep you confident in knowing that you got the right product for the right job.

We ARE your Regulation and Measurement experts!!



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