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Our selection of gas filters and strainers can cover almost any application you require. Gas filters and strainers protect downstream equipment such as regulators, meters, valves and other controls from debris. Filters use a polypropylene impregnated fleece while strainers use a mesh liner to filter the particles out of the line. Available in a variety of materials and pressure ratings, we have a filter or strainer for your requirements.

Our pressure gauges and test plugs are used in countless applications when accuracy, dependability and durability are essential. Pressure gauges are used to get a proper reading from pipelines of exact operating pressures. Various gauges can be used from vacuum all the way up to 15000 PSI. Test plugs are used to take pressure readings on a pressurized line without having the need for permanently installed gauges. Using a specific gauge adapter and the appropriate pressure gauge, you can take a pressure reading in moments.

We offer a complete line of grease guns, sealant and valve cleaners for lubricated plug valves. Our grease guns are top quality and can go up to 10000 PSI if required, which is ideal for routine valve maintenance. Sealant is available for any application to keep your valves working trouble free and to achieve a tight shut-off. If valves continue to cause problems and are stiff to operate, we offer valve cleaners to remove the debris and residue. Sealant and valve cleaners come in a variety of packaging.

The Selectra products are designed for temperature control of gas fired equipment manufactured by OEM’s. Ideal for environmental, commercial and industrial applications in the natural and propane gas industry, it is hard not to see the Selectra products in any application.

Let NORGAS Controls help you select the right product for your application.

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Norgas Controls

Grease Guns & Plug Valve Lubricants

Lubricated plug valves require routine maintenance and sealant is required to keep a tight seal. We have a variety of sealants, grease guns and valve cleaners that are available. Sealant is available in hand sticks, gun sticks or cartridges.

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Norgas Controls

Pressure Gauges & Test Plugs

We have a large selection of pressure and temperature instruments for all your needs.

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