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Difference Between Relief Valves and Back Pressure Regulators

Relief valves and back pressure regulators are two types of pressure regulators used to control…

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7 Benefits of Water Submetering in Residential Applications

Water conservation efforts are happening around the world to maximize the efficient use of valuable…

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types of gas meters_Traditional and new technologies

Types of Natural Gas Meters: Traditional and New Technologies

Gas metering devices are critical for controlling or measuring the flow of gases in pipes…

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Positive Displacement Gas Meters_Rotary and diaphragm

Positive Displacement Gas Meters: Rotary and Diaphragm

Positive displacement gas meters, also called PD gas meters, are among the most-used meters for…

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Everything you need to know about Rotary Gas Meters

Everything You Need to Know About Rotary Gas Meters

In 2020, approximately 3.9 trillion cubic feet of natural gas was consumed in Canada. In…

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How Does a Diaphragm Gas Meter Work

How Does a Diaphragm Gas Meter Work?

Natural gas consumption has increased considerably in the past few years, especially in Canada. According…

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