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Product Spotlight: ROOTS B42 Gas Regulator

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Product Spotlight: ROOTS B42 Gas Regulator

ROOTS gas regulators are popular because they are safe, accurate, and dependable. Even though they are lighter and more compact, these pressure-reducing natural gas regulators match their traditional, larger counterparts in performance, power, and capacity. They deliver precise gas measurements even in widely fluctuating conditions, making them exceptionally reliable. The B42 gas regulator is an ANSI-certified line and service pressure regulator for indoor and outdoor installations with inlet pressures of 10 PSI to 125 PSI and maximum outlet pressures of up to 5 PSI. The B42 series has various models for specific residential and light commercial applications. Here’s a detailed description of the B42 gas regulator.

Type of Regulator & Applications

Most domestic and commercial appliances operate using natural gas. Since natural gas is non-renewable, managing and conserving this critical resource is vital. Regulating natural gas also aids in reducing energy costs.

The B42 gas regulator is line & service, spring-loaded, self-operated regulator with an internal relief option. It has a moulded diaphragm, a one-inch vent, and a 6:1 lever ratio for accurate pressure reduction. It keeps the set outlet pressure constant while supplying the required downstream capacity, ensuring zero emissions. The regulator is available in several designations, including B42N, B42R, and B42RHP, providing greater flexibility.

The B42N gas regulator is for residential and light commercial applications such as stoves, boilers, gas engines, water heaters, and furnaces. The regulator ensures consistent pressure reduction when supplying gas downstream to designated utilities.

B42N, B42R, & B42RHP Gas Regulators

The B42 gas regulator series offers three connection versions for enhanced flexibility. It provides a maximum inlet pressure of 125 PSIG, connection sizes ranging from ½” to 1-1/4” and a maximum flow range of 2,000 SCFH. Available models include B42N, B42R, and B42RHP.

The B42N is a spring-loaded, self-operated gas regulator with no internal relief. This regulator restricts flow once pressure increases without allowing excess pressure to escape, ensuring the gas remains in the system. It is suitable for low-inlet pressure systems which do not require an over-pressure protection device.

In contrast, the B42R has a one-inch internal relief valve. When the supplied pressure becomes too high, the regulator stops the gas flow and opens the vent, allowing the excess pressure to escape. The vent remains open until pressure levels normalize before resetting the regulator.

Similarly, the B42RHP has an internal relief valve. However, this pressure-reducing gas regulator is for closed high-pressure systems that require a protection device. It relieves downstream pressure when the supply exceeds the set force.

See how the B42R gas regulator works in the following animation from Dressers Utility Solutions.

ROOTS B42 Gas Regulator Key Features

The ROOTS B42 regulator from  target=”_blank”>Dresser Utility Solutions has become the preferred option for a variety of applications due to its distinctive design, characteristics, and cost effectiveness. The key features of the ROOTS B42 gas regulator include the following:

  • Interchangeable aluminum valve orifice
  • 12.6 sq. in. of diaphragm area
  • Moulded deep convolution diaphragm with O-ring seal
  • Plated steel 6:1 lever
  • Delrin® vent valve with one-piece molded Buna-N valve seat
  • Optional spring-loaded internal relief valve assembly
  • 1″ and 3/4″ threaded vent with stainless steel screen
  • Fiberglass-reinforced polyethylene seal cap with integral relief valve stop
  • Field interchangeable adjustment spring

View ROOT B42 Series Regulator specification sheet (PDF)

Benefits of the ROOTS B42 Gas Regulator

The B42 gas regulator is light and compact compared to traditional gas regulators. Despite its size, this natural gas regulator exceeds expectations in terms of performance and capacity. It has numerous benefits for increased customer satisfaction.

The top benefits of the B42 gas regulator include the following:

Compact size

As stated, the B42 gas regulator is lighter and more compact than most traditional gas regulators. Given its size, the regulator is easier to transport and install. It doesn’t take up much room, making it ideal for tight spaces.

Increased Safety

Safety is one of the top-most priorities when dealing with gas regulators. The B42 regular excels on this front as it has numerous safety features. The B42R and B42HP have an internal relief valve for pressure control. Moreover, the dual-positive relief stops are all-metal for increased protection.

Dominant Performance

The B42 might be a light and compact natural gas regulator, but it delivers the power and performance of the much larger regulators. It has a maximum inlet pressure of 125 PSI and an outlet pressure range of up to 5 PSI.

Greater Flexibility

The B42 offers three connection versions for greater flexibility to match the regulation needs of various applications. Available models include B42N, B42R, and B42RHP. The B42R and B42RHP have an internal relief valve, while the B42N is a non-relieving regulator.

Reduced Costs

The B42 regulators are designed to provide precise gas pressure control, which can lead to increased efficiency and reduced energy costs. These gas regulators are also built with durability and longevity in mind, requiring less frequent maintenance and replacement. This can result in lower costs associated with servicing and replacement parts over time.


Due to its compact design, the B42 gas regulator is relatively easy to install. In addition, this natural gas regulator is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Outdoor Installation

When installed outdoors, the B42 regulator vent must be positioned to prevent moisture (rain, snow) and foreign particles from entering the regulator vent opening. To achieve this, it is recommended that the gas regulator be positioned with the vent facing down. In addition, it is recommended that the vent be located away from building eaves, window openings or air intakes. If there is a possibility of snow accumulation, the regulator vent should be mounted above the expected snow level.

Indoor Installation

For indoor installations, it is important to connect the vent to the outside atmosphere using the shortest length of pipe, the fewest number of pipe bends, and a pipe size that matches or exceeds the vent size.

By following these installation instructions, you ensure that the B42 gas regulator is installed correctly and safely.


Compact and affordable, the ROOTS B42 Series gas regulators offer high performance. The series offers three choices of regulators and many options, ensuring you find the right gas regulator for your application, whether residential or commercial.

The B42 natural gas regulator is part of Norgas’ extensive inventory of line and service regulators. The product is in stock and ready to ship. We also offer the NMT gas regulator model NGR02, an excellent alternative to the ROOTS B42 series gas regulator. Contact us for more information on this product or if you need a specific model for your gas control needs. We are experts in gas regulation. We carry natural gas regulators of many different brands and categories including back pressure regulators, high pressure regulators and more.

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