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Product Spotlight: Regulation – Ventless

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Product Spotlight: Regulation – Ventless

Norgas Controls has a large variety of ventless regulators for almost any application. These types of gas regulators are used only for indoor applications and simplify the installation by not needing to run a vent line to the outdoors.

Most ventless regulators were only available in appliance installations to CSA 6.3 / ANSI Z21.18 for ½ to 5 PSI rated inlet pressures. These are considered the last regulator installed on the line and are typically supplied on equipment by the original OEM. These regulators can be found in our Appliance Regulator section in our website.

For today’s commercial and light industrial applications, there are regulators available for inlet pressures up to 10 PSI that can be installed as ventless. These are under the Line Regulator code CSA 6.22 / ANSI Z21.80 and are to be installed ahead of appliance regulators or gas valves. The minimum inlet rating is 1 PSI and certain models are approved to maximum pressures of 2, 5 and 10 PSI respectively. We can supply a ventless regulator for up to 10,000 SCFH depending on inlet and outlet pressure requirements.

In order to have a CSA approved ventless line regulator, they must all be supplied with a brass vent limiter. The key for proper operation is to have the regulator installed on a horizontal pipe with the vent limiter in a vertical position pointing upwards. When inlet pressures are above 2 PSI, the regulator must have an integral over-pressure protection device. In case of regulator failure, this “OPD” must limit the downstream pressure to 2 PSI.

These regulators can be found in the Line and Service Regulator section of our website.

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