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Product Spotlight: Valves – Cast Iron Lubricated Plug

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Product Spotlight: Valves – Cast Iron Lubricated Plug

Norgas Controls has a large variety of valves for almost any application. The cast iron lubricated plug valves are ideal as a manual gas shut-off valve. They are CSA 3.11 certified for up to 125 PSI pressure and for temperatures down to -40 C., which is ideal for outdoor installations.

The principle of the Hattersley-Milliken plug valve is as simple as its design. A special sealing lubricant is used to effect a completely leak-tight seal. When pressure is applied to the valve in the closed position, the parallel plug is forced to the downstream side of the valve. The metal to metal contact of plug and body together with the barrier of the sealing lubricant ensures a completely leak-tight valve, with the sealant also acting as a lubricant and providing a barrier to reduce corrosion to the plug and body.

The only maintenance required on our lubricated plug valves is periodic re-lubrication with valve sealant. Frequency of lubrication should be established for each specific service since requirements will vary widely with temperature, pressure, service fluid and frequency of operation. A wide variety of lubricants are available for many different applications such as oil, asphalt and gases. Most lubricants are available in stick and cartridge form. An economical alternative to removing the valve from the line or disassembling and cleaning, valve cleaner is available to dissolve hardened debris within the sealant system.

Options available include gear operated, 3-way diverter, steam jacketed and limit switches.

These valves can be found in the Plug Valves section of our website.

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