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There are many valves used on gas systems that are available. The most common gas valves that Norgas supplies are plug valves and ball valves. These are simply used as manual shut-off valves used on piping systems at various operating pressures. Also called two-way valves simply meaning that they are either open or closed. We can also offer three-way valves, which are not shutoff valves, used as a diverter to change piping orientation of flow.

Our cast iron plug valves are lubricated type and very commonly used on all types of gases. Even though the valve is metal sealed, it uses a lubricant also known as a sealant to achieve a tight shut-off when in the closed position. Lubricated plug valves are excellent for in-line maintenance as it can be injected with more sealant while still pressurized in the line.

Our ball valves are available in many different materials depending on the application and pressure rating required. We can handle all types of gases , natural, propane, compressed, and corrosive gases, as well as fluids to meet your application needs. Most ball valves do not require any maintenance but when they eventually leak, they can simply be replaced or possibly fixed with a repair kit that can be purchased.

Our customized fusible-link shutoff valves, also referred to as thermal shutoff valves, are ideal for any application handling gases and flammable liquids. Typically installed on ball valves, these gas valves offer great safety in case of a fire and close once the fusible link has melted to the desired temperature. Option of fail open is also available.

Our earthquake-actuated automatic gas shutoff valves are ideal for shutting off gas during an earthquake and its simple design will help protect you from fire or even an explosion. Largely used for commercial and industrial applications, seismic valves are installed on the main line of any building or manufacturing plant. Our seismic valves are not sensitive to vibrations caused by passing trucks or accidental bumping.

Many options can be added to various valves including locking devices, limit switches and actuation. Let NORGAS help you select the right gas valve for your application.

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Plug Values

Plug Valves

Our cast iron, lubricated plug valves are the simplest in design as a shut-off valve. Mainly used in commercial and light industrial applications, they offer inline maintenance without interruption or removal for service.

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Ball Values

Ball Valves

Ball valves are the most commonly used valve in almost any industry. With a variety of materials, connections, pressure ratings and other options, the ball valve can withstand almost any application.

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Fusible Values

Fusible Valves

Fusible link valves are also known as thermal shut-off valves. They are an automatic shut-off valve that cuts of any gas or liquid in the pipeline once a fire is present. The fusible link topwork assemblies are more commonly installed on ball valves and offer the best possible performance in any industrial or commercial application.

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Seismic Values

Seismic Valves

Seismic valves are designed to shut off the flow of gas during an earthquake. They can be used in residential, commercial and industrial applications. Once the valve has shut-off, a simple manual reset is required with no other maintenance.

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slam shut valves soon

Slam-Shut Valves

Designed to protect downstream equipment from overpressure and/or underpressure conditions. Once the SSV is tripped, it must be manually reset.

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