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There are many different types of pressure regulators used on gas. It typically depends where the gas regulator will be installed and what the application is. Pressure reducing regulators or back pressure regulators/relief valves are the most commonly used....

A pressure reducing regulator maintains a reduced outlet pressure while supplying the required capacity for the equipment downstream. A pressure relief valve is used in case the upstream regulator fails and evacuates the excess pressure of gas to protect the downstream equipment from over pressure.

Spring-loaded service regulators and direct acting regulators (self-operated) regulators are normally used for PSI inlet to inches water column outlet but can also be used for PSI to PSI as well. Some models are very precise while others are more rough cut for use at high pressures.

The line or service regulator used at the equipment is the most important regarding pressure drops for performance. Pilot operated regulators are more commonly used for PSI Inlet to PSI Outlet when high flows and accuracy are required. These types of regulators normally always require a downstream relief valve as internal relief is not an option.

The basic questions to ask for selecting a pressure reducing gas regulator are the following:

  • Inlet pressure (minimum-maximum)
  • Outlet pressure (setting or range)
  • Capacity required (BTU, CFH, MBH, m3, etc)
  • Type of gas (natural, propane, etc.)
  • Pipe size
  • Type of equipment being used on

With the above information we can select any type of gas regulator for your application.

Most standard pressure reducing regulators come with a full internal relief valve to protect the downstream equipment. Other options include indoor ventless, integral slam-shut valve and high pressure specialty regulators. Let Norgas help you select the right gas regulator for your application. Request a quote today.

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Appliance regulators

Appliance Regulators

Appliance regulators are typically the last regulator in the line and are mainly found within the appliances or equipment made by the manufacturer. They are designed for main burner and/or pilot applications where precise control of tiny to large flows is an essential operating requirement.

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Line and service regulators

Line & Service Regulators

Line and service regulators are typically installed before the equipment that already has an appliance regulator. Mainly used in domestic, commercial and industrial applications, they have many options such as internal relief valve, indoor ventless, etc. These are the most common regulators used on all types of non-corrosive gases.

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Pilot operated regulators

Pilot Operated Regulators

Pilot operated regulators are designed for higher capacities with the least amount of outlet pressure drop. They are ideal especially for psi to psi applications which could be used ahead of line or service regulators. Pilot operated can be looked at as two independent regulators in one combined unit and the pilot itself is normally smaller. All adjustments of pressure are done by the pilot exclusively.

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Direct acting regulators

Direct Acting Regulators

Direct acting regulators are designed for higher capacities with fast acting response to various capacity changes. Their balanced valve design makes them insensitive to inlet pressure changes. They require a downstream sensing line and when installed correctly, will give you the expected performance you require.

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High pressure regulators

High Pressure Regulators

Our high pressure and specialty regulators are ideal for all sorts of applications including non-corrosive, corrosive or compressed gases. Various options of materials, pressure ratings, and approvals are available.

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Back pressure regulators

Back Pressure Regulators

Back pressure regulators are installed downstream of a pressure reducing regulator and vent excess pressure in case the main regulator fails to close.

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Relief valves

Relief Valves

Relief valves are installed downstream of a pressure reducing regulator and vent excess pressure in case the main regulator fails to close. They are also known as a downstream overpressure protection device, which is required when the internal relief valve of the upstream regulator is inadequate.

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Propane regulators

Propane Regulators

Our propane regulators are used on propane applications only. They are mainly used on domestic and light commercial applications for any piece of equipment using propane. Options include first stage, second stage, twin stage and automatic changeover. We also carry all the accessories required for your installation.

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Gas Regulator Accessories

Norgas Controls carries several accessories for all our regulators and relief valves. Gas vents which include a screen for vent termination to vent protectors and caps, all for a pressure regulator or relief valve installation. We also offer spring and orifice tools for field replacement of those parts when required. Other accessories include insulated unions and flange gaskets.

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