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Slide M611, MR212, A1014R, TD114, TS114, SC11B & MT2 Slide Maxitrol-M611 Slide Maxitrol-MT2 Slide Maxitrol-MR212 Slide Maxitrol-TD114 Slide Maxitrol-SC11B Slide Maxitrol-TS114

Selectra Controls

Manufacturers: Maxitrol

The Selectra proiduct line is designed for temperature control, used with direct and indirect gas fired equipment. Ideal for enviromental, commercial and industrial applications. Mainly installed on modulating make-up air heaters and space heating, these products are ideal for OEM’s. Products include; Modulator and Modulator/Regulator Valves. Amplifiers, Sensors and Mixing Tubes. Signal Conditioners.

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