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7 Reasons to Choose Norgas Controls as Your Gas Distribution Equipment Provider

7 Reasons To Choose Norgas Controls As Your Gas Distribution Equipment Provider

Finding reliable, competent partners in the gas distribution sector is crucial to a project’s success. Delays, poor product quality, and lack of support can cause major disruption, cost time and money, and potentially impact safety.

Norgas Controls is a leading distributor of gas regulation and measurement equipment for the Canadian market. Choosing us means ensuring efficient, exceptional service and reliable products. Whether you’re a wholesale distributor, a manufacturer or an engineering firm, here’s why you should trust Norgas to meet all your gas regulation and measurement needs.

1. Extensive Industry Experience

Norgas Controls brings over 40 years of specialized experience to Canada’s gas regulation and metering industry, catering to a diverse clientele, including mostly wholesale distributors, original equipment manufacturers, municipalities, utilities, engineering firms, real estate developers, and contractors. This extensive background is a testament to our longevity and our deep understanding of the sector’s evolving needs. With this wealth of experience, we have honed the ability to offer not just products but comprehensive solutions tailored to each customer’s specific requirements, ensuring reliability, efficiency, and satisfaction in every transaction. Our longstanding presence in the Canadian market underscores a commitment to excellence and customer trust.

2. Wide Selection of In-Stock Products

Norgas Controls offers an extensive selection of in-stock and ready-to-ship gas control and measuring equipment to meet the diverse needs of various industries. Our varied product range ensures that every client, from distributors to contractors, finds the exact solution they require for their specific needs as quickly as possible. By constantly improving our inventory with the latest and most efficient products, we commit to facilitating not only current but also future project demands. This comprehensive in-stock selection underscores our dedication to being a one-stop solution provider in the gas regulation and measurement sector.

3. Efficient Logistics and Distribution Across Canada

Understanding the importance of timely delivery, Norgas has optimized its shipping and logistics to offer fast and reliable delivery of gas regulators, gas meters, and gas valves across Canada. Our huge product inventory and streamlined process are engineered to minimize downtime, enabling projects to stay on schedule. Our commitment to efficient logistics reflects our dedication to customer satisfaction, making us a trusted partner in the gas industry in Canada.

4. Exceptional Technical Support and Service

Beyond the sale, Norgas stands out for its exceptional technical support. Our experts have years of experience and the knowledge to provide you with comprehensive and unparalleled consulting and technical services, ensuring you always receive the best products for your needs. Our team of knowledgeable professionals is dedicated to helping you navigate through selection, installation, and troubleshooting processes, ensuring optimal performance and satisfaction. If we can’t find a standard product that meets your specific requirements, we’ll customize the perfect solution for you using one of our approved products. This combination of high-quality products and expert service guarantees a seamless, efficient experience for all our customers.

5. Quality Assured Products

At Norgas Controls, our concern for quality extends to the meticulous selection of products that meet the standards and regulations of the gas industry and regulation and government entities in Canada. Our portfolio includes gas equipment such as gas regulators, gas valves, and gas meters approved by CSA, ULc, ANSI, CRN, and Measurement Canada. These standards guarantee reliable, high-performance, and safe products for gas regulation and measurement applications in Canada. Whatever your needs, you’re guaranteed to find top-quality and compliant products at Norgas.

6. Partnership with Industry-Leading Brands

At Norgas Controls, our commitment to excellence is reflected in our partnership with well-known, reputable brands in the industry, such as Maxitrol, Romet, Hattersley, Marshall Excelsior, and many others. These partnerships allow us to offer our clients a portfolio of products that are synonymous with quality, reliability, and innovation. By carrying these esteemed brands, we ensure that our customers have access to the latest advancements in gas regulation and measurement technologies. Whether you’re looking for back-pressure gas regulators, gas plug valves, turbine flow meters, and more, our strategic brand partnerships guarantee that you’re investing in the best the industry has to offer.

7. Value-Added Water Metering Solutions

In addition to our comprehensive selection of gas metering and control products, Norgas Controls has recently added water metering solutions to serve our customers even better. As with our gas meters, our water meters have been carefully selected to offer quality, accuracy and durability.  They are NSF/ANSI/CAN 61 and 372 approved, standards that cover the safety and quality of drinking water system components, as well as the lead content of various plumbing products. All our meters are in stock and ready to ship when you need them.

When you choose Norgas for your water metering needs, you benefit from state-of-the-art technology and a range of services designed to improve operational efficiency, sustainability and customer satisfaction.

In Conclusion

If you’re in search of a reliable provider of gas products for regulation and measurement or water metering solutions, Norgas Controls stands out as your premier choice. We can meet all your immediate needs with our wide selection of products in stock and ready-to-ship across Canada. Our extensive experience in the Canadian gas industry and our commitment to customer service also enable us to offer customized solutions that meet the highest standards. Whether you’re a wholesale distributor, contractor, manufacturer or any other gas industry professional, our wide product selection and efficient logistics ensure that you receive the best products and support for your specific needs. Let Norgas Controls be your trusted partner in navigating the complexities of gas regulation and measurement. Contact us for more information.

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