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New Water Meters at Norgas Controls

Norgas Controls Adds Water Meters to Its Product Line

Recognized for many years as a major player in the distribution and sale of natural…

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Norgas_What is a plug valve and what is it used for

What is a Plug Valve and What is it Used for

For any sector that relies on hydraulic systems in their operations, plug valves are an…

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Norgas_Plug Valve vs Ball Valve_the differences

Plug Valve Vs. Ball Valve: What are the Differences?

Control valves are an integral aspect of any production setup where you need to monitor,…

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Back Pressure vs. Pressure Reducing Gas Regulators_Norgas

Back Pressure Gas Regulator vs. Pressure Reducing Gas Regulators

Many types of appliances and industrial equipment require pressure levels to be controlled within the…

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How Does a Gas Regulator Work

How Does a Gas Regulator Work?

Working in the HVAC, combustion, propane, and industrial markets requires tools and equipment that can…

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