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Romet Rotary Gas Meters

Romet rotary gas meters (RM gas meters) are commonly used for low to high capacities in commercial and industrial applications. These types of natural gas meters offer the best rangeability in accuracy from low to high capacity requirements. With the option of electronic modules, you can have the best measurement accuracy in the industry. RM gas meters are : Rugged - RM gas meters are designed to be durable. Each meter is pressure tested up to 4 times the maximum allowable operating pressure (MAOP) to ensure that only the most robust meters leave the manufacturing plant. All RM meters have a 175 MAOP, making them very robust. Responsive - RM gas meters are highly responsive as each meter is specifically tested at the factory to ensure that it meets or exceeds the measurement accuracy specified in the ANSI B109.3 rotary gas meter requirements. This certification process ensures the meter's reliability and measurement accuracy. Reliable - The use of pinned metal timing gears in Romet rotary gas meters ensures uninterrupted wheel synchronization, allowing the meter to maintain a high level of accuracy throughout its life.

Romet Measurement RM Series

Romet Rotary-Literature

RM Rotary Meters

Manufacturers: Romet

The RM series are designed for Custody Transfer, Fiscal Measurement or Sub-Meter applications. These meters deliver an excellent combination of accuracy and rangebility to generate the optimum in gas registration. Available with the following modules; Standard Counter (SC) and Tempertaure Compensated (TC). Low frequency pulse output comes standard for remote read applications.

  • Capacity Range: 600 – 56,000 SCFH
  • Maximum Inlet Pressure: 175 – 200 PSI
  • Size Range: 1-1/2″ NPT, 2″ – 8″ Flanged
  • Gases: Natural, Propane etc.
  • Approvals: Measurement Canada AG-0316 & AG-0549

Romet Electronics

AdEM Series Electronics

Models: AdEM-S, AdEM-T & AdEM-PTZ
Manufacturers: Romet

The Advanced Electronic Modules are the ideal upgrade for live pressure and/or temperature compensation. Some features of the AdEM include a full audit trail, four available output pulses, serial communication and a 20 year nominal battery life.

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