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Flanged Carbon Steel & Stainless Steel

Models: FL-CS-100-150, FL-SS-100-150, FL-CS-100-300 & FL-SS-100-300
Manufacturer: Jomar

These flanged ball valves are ideal as a gas and flammable liquid shut-off valve. With carbon steel or stainless steel construction, they are ideal for a wide variety of industrial and corrosive applications. Locking handle comes standard and can be mounted with a limit switch box.

  • Rated Operating Pressure: 285 – 740 PSI
  • Size Range: 2″ – 8″ Flanged
  • Applications: Non-Corrosive/Corrosive Gases, Flammable Liquids & Industrial.
  • Approvals: CSA 3.16, Ulc-C842 & CRN
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