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Electronic Remote Totalizers

Models: R1-GCE & R4
Manufacturer: No Name

The remote totalizer line is an inexpensive way to remote read and totalize the volume used. They are a wall mount, NEMA 4 enclosure and are for indoor use only.

EFFN Valves

EFFN Ball Valve

EFFN Economy Brass Series

Models: EFFN
Manufacturer: No Name

The EFFN brass ball valve is a basic, manual shut-off valve and is ideal for natural and propane gas applications. A locking handle is an available option.

  • Rated Operating Pressure: 400 – 600 PSI
  • Size Range: 1/4″ – 4″ NPT
  • Applications: Non-Corrosive Gases & Liquids.
  • Approvals: CSA 3.16 & CRN

301SS Stainless Steel Series

Models: 301SS
Manufacturer: No Name

The 301SS stainless steel ball valve is ideal for industrial applications where corrosion is a factor. Locking handle comes standard and can be mounted with a limit switch box.

  • Rated Operating Pressure: 1500 – 2000 PSI
  • Size Range: 1/4″ – 2″ NPT
  • Applications: Non-Corrosive Gases & Liquids, Water & Steam.
  • Approvals: CSA 3.16 & CRN

Valves complete with Limit Switch Boxes

Models: 301SS/LFAPL210, 301SS/870M1, FLCS150/LFAPL210, FLCS150/870M1, FLSS150/LFAPL210 & FLSS150/870M1
Manufacturer: No Name

Norgas Controls offers threaded and flanged ball valves with limit switch boxes for applications to give remote and visual indiication of valve position. Ideal for emergency generators and valve trains.



Gasket Strainers

Models: PFF700 & PF700
Manufacturer: No Name

A gasket strainer helps protect against potential damage to equipment caused by occasional pipe shavings or other debris. With a 150 lbs full-face, 60 mesh screen as standard, minimum protection is recommended. Also available in other mesh sizes, higher pressure ratings and other materials.

  • Rated Operating Pressure: 285 PSI and higher
  • Size Range: 1″ – 8″ Wafer
  • Applications: Non-Corrosive gases & air
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