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Back Pressure Gas Regulator vs. Pressure Reducing Gas Regulators

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Back Pressure Gas Regulator Vs. Pressure Reducing Gas Regulators

Many types of appliances and industrial equipment require pressure levels to be controlled within the application. Back pressure gas regulators and pressure reducing regulators are essential pieces of equipment that let you control the gas flow into your system. The pressure sensors within the regulator function according to your specific application’s pressure levels and react to maintain accurate pressure control.

But which type of pressure regulator should you use? A back pressure regulator or a pressure reducing one?

Understand When to Use Each Type of Gas Regulators

Sometimes back pressure and pressure reducing regulators are mistakenly used interchangeably. While they both control gas flow, they serve very distinct functions:

Back Pressure Regulator

Think of the back pressure regulator as being the backend of your piping system. This regulator is typically closed and acts as an obstruction to the flow of gas to regulate the upstream pressure. Its purpose is to draw fluid off your system in case the main regulator fails to close. They are usually installed downstream of a pressure reducing regulator. You will find these used in gas sales lines, separators, heater treaters, or vent or flare lines. If you need to hold back pressure, you want this type of regulator.

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Pressure Reducing Regulator

This type of regulator is found at the frontend of your system before the pressure-sensitive pieces of equipment. The valve is usually open and is used to regulate or reduce undesirable higher pressures. Pressure reducing regulators allow gas to flow at a consistent, predetermined rate. You will find these regulators in suction controllers and recirculation valves on natural gas compressors and where there is a need to supply fuel on production equipment.

When to Use Each Type of Regulator

Determining when to use one or both depends on what you need done and where it needs to do it. Both types of regulators function to control pressure levels. If you need to maintain upstream pressure yet can have gas dumped into a tank if the pressure gets too high, you want a back pressure regulator. Now, when you want to ensure consistent flow downstream, a pressure regulator is the solution. Finally, it is possible to utilize both types within the same application if you seek balanced pressure throughout.

Find the Type of Gas Regulator to Get the Job Done Right

Determining which type of gas regulator your application needs can be tricky. Our team has years of experience assisting the HVAC, combustion, propane, and industrial markets. We work with wholesale distributors, original equipment manufacturers, and engineering firms across Canada. With over 30 years of experience, we can find the best solution for your needs, and we do it with a hands-on approach.

Almost all our products are CSA and AGA-approved so that you can install them with confidence. We have a full array of gas regulators in-stock and ready-to-ship or our team of experts can customize a solution for your specific needs.

Contact us with all your gas regulator questions. We’re happy to help!

Call us at 514-697-8439 or 888-GAS-REGS (427-7347) for all your gas and propane regulators, gas meters, and gas valve needs.

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