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NMT Mechanical Water Meters_Product Spotlight

Product Spotlight: NMT Mechanical Water Meters

Water meters are essential for monitoring water consumption. There are four main categories of water meters: mechanical, ultrasonic, vortex and magnetic. Mechanical and ultrasonic water meters are the most popular choices for measuring drinking water consumption. Wholesale distributors across Canada…

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Types Of Pressure Reducing Regulators

5 Types of Natural Gas Pressure Reducing Regulators

  • November 29, 2022
  • Blog

There are many different types of equipment and appliances that require pressure regulators to keep pressure levels controlled at all times. Natural gas regulators are vital pieces of equipment that ensure proper gas flow and performance of the appliance or…

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Selection Of Pressure Reducing Gas Regulator

How to Select a Gas Pressure-Reducing Regulator

  • October 17, 2022
  • Blog

Operating a natural gas appliance requires carefully balanced gas pressure. If natural gas comes into the appliance too fast at too much pressure, the appliance might explode. If the pressure is too low, the appliance won’t work. Gas pressure-reducing regulator…

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7 Benefits Of Natural Gas In Canada

7 Benefits of Natural Gas in Canada

Since 1859, Canada has increasingly shifted its dependency on oil to natural gas as an affordable, reliable energy source. Today natural gas is easily accessible, providing advantages across a diverse collection of commercial, industrial and residential applications. Here we look…

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