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Product Spotlight: Valves – Fusible Link Automatic Shut-Off

Product Spotlight: Valves – Fusible Link Automatic Shut-Off

Norgas Controls has a large variety of valves for almost any application. We offer Fire Safe Fusible Link Assemblies for Automatic Shut-Off in case of fire. Our customized fusible link shut-off valves are ideal for any pipeline handling flammable liquids or gases. With insurance companies requiring that automatic shut-off valves be used in these applications, the need for our product is greater than ever. Our fusible link assemblies are FM approved, which means these are a recommended fire protection product in any system.

The valves are armed with fusible links with temperatures available from 165 F. to 360 F. All valves are supplied to API607 fire safe design as standard. Valve sizes available are from ½” up to 24” and can also be retrofitted to the customer-owned valve. Heavy-duty arming device comes standard and the valve can be operated even while the spring pack is armed.

The only recommended maintenance suggested is the annual replacement of the fusible links.

Options available include fail close or open configurations, proximity switches and remote automatic firing link.

These valves can be found in the Fusible Link section of our website.

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